Автор 6 книг и более 50 статей на морскую тематику. Адрес в Интернет: http://www.kalanov.ru   E-mail: kalanov@list.ru

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Kalanov  graduated from the Higher Naval Engineering College. He served in the marine and space forces of the USSR Armed Forces for 20 years. Author of more than 50 papers and article dedicated to the marine themes. Dominant theme of his works is marine folklore, superstitions, history of the Fleet, history and traditions of ship-naming. He is an author of 5 books “Directory of the Collectors” M…1989; “How to start and register a business in Moscow” M…1992; “The Sea – The Great Journey”. Collection of proverbs and sayings of different nations about the seas, seamen and fish, fishery, sea flora and fauna. M…1995. "The dictionary of proverbs and sayings about the sea dictionary of a sea slang" М., 2000 (2 edition - 2010), "The dictionary of a sea slang", М…2002 (2 edition - 2010)."The collection of sea jokes and baizes" (2011)